April 04, 2011

waiting for the storm

Miles north, a storm raged, and the weathermen warned it was moving south.  The possibility of hail and tornadoes along with the driving rain and the thunder & lightning loomed over us.  I carried my umbrella and flip flops to and from work. After school programs were canceled.  Eyes on the horizon, we watched the sky... and waited for it to fall.  I was convinced the storm was coming... and clutching my little bits of protection from the rain, I wondered if after 15 years, the New England was working its way out of me.

It was such an unusual day.  The waiting and the wondering; feeling silly to even be preparing, but scared not to be prepared.  I certainly don't spend my life peeking out from the doorway, heart wrapped so tightly in fear that I don't quite live.  No... I live and I love and I splash through life knowing that a storm will come when  it comes,  and that holding onto fear certainly can't stop its coming.  Sickness, loss... anger and disappointment... each a fierce storm of its own.  And each leaves us standing in the path of our life, surrounded by the destruction of dreams, wondering what comes next?

We can fall apart and lay broken... or we can fall apart into the waiting arms of Jesus. 

Even from the rain, an umbrella can be dicey... so likely to be turned inside out or even whipped away in the wind.  But Jesus?  His arms are strong and sure.  He is the One who can calm the storm with His voice.  Whether sheets of rain fall and lightning tears through the sky, or someone dear comes to me with broken dreams or news to scary to comprehend, He covers me with His grace and His love... the way no umbrella can.  In the wind, I lean on Him, and know He will support me until I can stand again on my own.  Never will He leave me, or you,  to twist in the breeze without hope or salvation.  It was the promise He made to me when I cast my life into His arms forever.

And so when April comes... I know He carries me.   
He lifts me up, wipes away the tears, wraps me in His precious arms, and He carries me... until once again I can take hold of His strength and splash in the rain.

And there are more gifts to count... He shows me the beauty in the small and in the ordinary.
One tenth of the way there...

89.  Father, Son & Holy Spirit
90.  the dark, quiet morning moments... standing all alone in His great creation
91.  the way I can be so frustrated and so in love all at the same time.
92.  an i love you from a friend
93.  her sight.
94.  the little square patch that promotes concentration and focus, and gives me an extra 30 seconds with his arms around me
95.  crazy dreams and the laughter that comes in the sharing
96.  doing a favor for a friend
97.  the way he reaches for my hand in the silence
98.  anticipation of a weekend jaunt
99.  cooking inspiration
100.  the urgency to work on a gift for a friend... then finding out how much she needed me.  I love the way God works.


Busy Bee Suz said...


Mamasita said...

Our God is so miraculous! Your writing is inspriational and beautiful friend :-)

Southern Gal said...

It's like taking a breath of fresh air when I visit here, Dawn. Lovely.

Gabe said...

First of all, that photo is so very beautiful!

But your words...equally so! Im so very glad that we can know for certain He will protect us!

Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home said...

Totally lovin' the photo!!! and the list... :-)

Craig said...

My favorite thank you from your list this week is 96. doing a favor for a friend (because we are in this together – and since I figure this went with #100 – it made it twice as good)

And I think I’m with you. Admit it or not all of us fall apart at one time or another. If it’s bound to happen – might as well be in the arms of our lord – under the shadow of his wing. Thank you for this

God bless you and keep you – and all of yours.

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