May 26, 2011

be open

Our church building is becoming more magificent by the day... and as I watch it grow, my dreams grow alongside it.  And to walk through the Early Learning Center, that will be our mission, is to feel and know that God has so many more dreams to nourish.  Though the rooms are empty and the walls are blank, I can imagine the children who will laugh there... who will learn there... who will press their hands along the walls and mark it as Jesus has marked my own heart with His hands.  For a flash, I wish my kids were actually little again... but then the warm memories of their own preschool flood over me and I know that the Holy Spirit dwelled in that space, too.  And finding that space?  Oh... it was surely a gift straight from the Maker. 
Laura was signed up for a different pre-school.  All dressed up for the big first day, smile wide with nervous excitement and hands grasping a yellow beanie cat for courage, we arrived... and the doors were locked up, with no one in sight.  I never did find out what happened.  Home again, with plans dashed and one disappointed little girl, we started scouring the phone book... and of course, anywhere that we called was full with a waiting list.  There I sat, on the nubby green carpet with the yellow pages spread out before me... discouraged and as disappointed as she.  And then... this little memory of a little girl at a swim lesson snuck into my head.  She was signed up for preschool... and I seemed to recall her Mom saying there were only four kids in her class.  Four.  Certainly not full.  Fingers flew through the pages urging my brain to recall the name of that church... and finally, there it was.  I called... and was invited to head right over for a look.  I met Miss Sherry, and the rest was history.  Beautiful history, spanning two years each for my children and my nephew, one down and one to go for my niece... and all of the years in between.  A place to grow.And that little girl from swim class?  Charlotte.  Best friend of 14 years. 

I don't doubt it for a moment. 
It seems to be what he does best, if we let Him.
Beauty from ashes, success after many trials, trading joy for sorrow. 

Preschool learning is not just for the littles.  I am living proof.  From renewing my faith and beginning me on a true relationship with my Savior to simply being open to possibilities other than my own plans... the rewards and lessons are endless at an age, at every age

Be open
He has wonderful plans to carry out and dreams to nourish... some we haven't even thought to dream yet.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your new church is beautiful. I know your family will have years of good memories to come. Have you imagined weddings in the chapel yet????
I love how you found the pre-school for the kids...and Charlotte too.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post. Sounds like you and your little were led by His guidance and grace.

Some of my grandkids went (one still goes) to a faith run preschool, and then went on to a K-8 Christian School. I love how their faith is intergrated into their lives.

Kat said...

The new church building IS looking magnificent!

Cassie said...

I LOVE this Dawn! You know my daughter is the preschool teacher of "The Teddy Bears"(3-4yrs) at a Lutheran Elementary School in Seattle. She said that her class that is graduating this year is full of budding little Christians. Many from unchurched homes...They are bringing Christ home to their families!! Nothing is by mistake. God is awesome.

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