May 02, 2008

in the light

I will never forget those beautiful, wide, 3 1/2 year old eyes looking up at me, saying, "Jesus is the Light of the World." I was 25. It was the first time I had ever heard it...and I was not unfamiliar with church. I had gone to Sunday School...was baptised at age 11...gone to church off and on...married a man of faith...and here was my little girl telling me something that I never knew. She had learned it at pre-school. Jesus is the Light of the World. And it is why I went back to church. But I didn't just go to church...we immersed our family in it. And then it wasn't just became a relationship with my Father...and with Jesus. God uses little children in the most amazing ways. I thank my daughter for that...for helping me to see how much I needed Light in my life. Light...the flicker of a flame that dances above an ivory taper...the sunlight streaming through a stained glass window, scattering colored shadows on a crisp white wall...the glorious rays of sunshine that stream down through the clouds...the amber glow of the setting sun that sings a farewell song before it sinks into the sea. He is the Light in my days...the Light in my darkest moments...the Light that washed me clean and new...through Him, I find my blessings...and without Him, there would be none.

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jenn said...

a beautiful testimony! HIS light shines through and through and all around you wonderful Dawn!

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