May 13, 2008

lost and found

Today while I was straightening up, I decided to flip the cushions on the couch. I really have been wanting to wash the covers, but procrastination has gotten the better of me(what's new?) and I decided a "flip" was all that I had the energy for. Amidst the grains of playground sand, mangled paperclips and rubber bands, I found a treasure or two...
an orange matchbox car...
and a yellow one.
forty-five cents...I thought that there would've been more!
a lego airplane wing,
a sharpened pencil... probably the reason for unfinished homework,
a yellow pencil grip,
a tarnished decoder wheel,
my tivo controller
and the big red flashlight.
Okay... maybe forty-five cents doesn't constitute treasure...but I have really missed the tivo controller! And how we never felt the big red four D-cell batteries flashlight is beyond me. Princess and the Pea have no competition here!


Suzanne said...

How in the world did you live with out the tivo remote?????
And who in heck could NOT feel that flashlight?????

Dawn said...

the flashlight? it is a mystery to me, really... other than I usually don't sit on that couch. as for tivo... i do have a 2nd remote that i have been toting back & forth to the bedroom!

carie said...

i want treasures too! all i found was dog hair!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Isn't that amazing what you can find? One time we found a TV remote that had been missing for over a year.... it was inside a sock (?!!!) inside my husband's closet, buried under some old clothes that were going to go to Goodwill.

News of the Weird. :-)

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