May 05, 2008

chips 'n salsa

Seems I have always been a fan of Mexican restaurants...maybe it's the warm, salty chips and the fresh, spicy salsa that arrive at the table upon sitting down, or maybe it's just the memories that continue to build. My Grandma S used to take us to a little place for lunch once in a while...Tak-A-Taco. It was one of my favorites...pinatas hanging from the ceiling...colorful pottery everywhere. And then there was ChiChi's...where my Dad would take us to...on his weekend. That was where I first tried hot salsa...and fried ice cream. The atmosphere there was so fun...the girls in their brightly colored tiered dresses...singing in the background. And Chili's...where I went with friends, and then for my first date with Eric. By that time, I really had a love for all Mexican food...and had tried my hand at cooking a few things myself- but the chips and salsa...always my favorite. Eric taught me the art of nachos...he was the best at the layering of the cheese and chips...and eventually chili peppers became the decor in our kitchen. I think I could eat Mexican food every day and never get tired of it. And so, Cinco de Mayo is the perfect excuse for pulling out all of my special dishes and decorations. Just for fun...just for chips and salsa...and maybe a margarita, with salt around the rim.

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Suzanne said...

I can't even think of cinco de mayo and NOT think of you.
Are you sure you are not part mexican? :)
I love me some mexican food too....I can make some really good salsa myself. Yummo.
I will have to make you some this summer.

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