May 16, 2008

every day

My forever friend reminded me yesterday that "you learn something new every day!" She is so very smart... So what did I learn yesterday? I learned that Monster Cookies and a hug from the friend who made them can cheer you up... especially when you consume large quantities of Monster Cookies. I learned that it feels really nice when people are rooting for you... especially when you can see the sincerity in their eyes. I learned that simply having a "date" with a friend after school can get you through the day... but that actually being treated to tea & a shortbread cookie is even nicer... especially paired with much laughter and sharing. I learned that you can cut through the access road at SuperTarget to get to Oakes Blvd... not that I ever go that way, but I did wonder. I learned that sometimes it's nice to mix up your routine and have pizza with friends on Thursday, instead of Friday... and that three extra large pizzas is more than enough for eight people. I learned that my Mom loves Italy... the beauty of the landscape and the wine... and it just makes me feel happy inside. That is six things... wow. This morning I am feeling quite smart... especially because I have already learned something this morning... Monster Cookies are really good for breakfast!


Suzanne said...

Very nice.
I am going to try and see what I learn today. Already I have learned that I like to sleep longer in the morning.
About that cut through to Target...I will have to check into that one.

carie said...

not only do you learn something new every day but you teach it too...just by being you...the amazing forever friend that you are!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I subscribe to this philosophy as well.... there are ALWAYS opportunities for learning, even for learning something small. (And opportunities for appreciating... appreciating something as simple as Monster Cookies...) :-)

Thanks for the reminder to do just that!

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