May 29, 2008

bittersweet celebrations

I have been looking forward to summer... since March, I think. I've just been ready... and now it's here. In one breath, I am shouting, Hooray! and in the next, I am quietly wiping away a tear. Laura is officially a high schooler- hooray! She is no longer my quiet, shy, little girl... sigh. Camden "graduated" from 5th grade last night- hooray! He is done with elementary school... sigh. I am off for the summer- hooray! My job in the Media Center is no longer mine... sigh. My insides are all mixed up. This "glass half-full" girl is struggling... just a little... to find the small celebrations...
...marching band music for next year already in hand
...jeans day at middle school more homework, for now
...anticipating a summer trip to dallas
...endless days to play with scout

...most improved student award, and outstanding in science
...stack of ces uniforms, no longer needed more homework, for now
...summer elk's camp is right around the corner
...time to just do "nothing."

...stack of 4 novels for summer reading, handpicked by my hubby more "do you have a uniform ready for tomorrow?" more, "did you do your homework?," for now
...not losing sleep over waking at 3am, and not being able to sleep
...time... with my children

There. I think I am ready for summer now. My glass is half-full again and I am ready to enjoy and put all of the bittersweet thoughts behind me. I am ready to remember that God's plan for my life is perfect... I am back on the smile side of life.


Suzanne said... brought yourself right back UP again. there you go....
Life is full of change. If not, we would not move forward or LEARN anything new.

Dawn said...

Suz- youare so smart... thanks for helping me to smile my way through :)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

This is actually the FIRST Summer I've ever spent at home with my kids - how is THAT??!!! I've always worked in a typical "corporate" job and they've gone to daycamps (which, truthfully, they've really enjoyed) but I'm enjoying having them ALL TO MYSELF now! :-)
It's definitely an adjustment for all of us, but really a wonderful blessing to have more time with them. They won't be little forever!

carie said...

love the pics, the words and your half-fullness. xoxoxo

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