May 12, 2008

it drives him crazy

I am a picky eater. I really am...but I come by it rightly. My Mom is picky, too. I remember picking the tiniest little bits of red and green out my Gramma D's American Chop Suey and repeatedly asking my Mom...what's this? It wasn't one of my favorites. I guess I was actually pickier than I remember, because at one time, I had a list of three things I didn't have to eat. Just three. I didn't even have to taste them. But I had to eat everything else. It was a tough pick for me...I could've filled that list up! But with only three choices, I had to pick #1 meatloaf, #2 peas, and #3 baked beans (although, I probably shouldn't have wasted this list Mom probably wouldn't have served them to me again after I once told her that if you make me eat them, I'll throw up...and then she did...and I did.) Things I would've loved to add to that list? Hot dogs, pork chops...and American Chop Suey. Anyway, to this day I will not eat meatloaf...and it's one of Eric's favorites. I won't even cook it for him. I don't know how. I don't want to know how. The thing is, he doesn't understand my dislike if it. He tries to convince me it's just a big meatball (not!) and it's like a hamburger (I don't think so!) We go back and forth about it, and it drives him crazy that I won't even consider his opinion. But here's the thing...who really wants a loaf of meat anyway? Loaf of bread? Yum! But that is where is should stop. A few years ago, on April Fool's Day, I made a pretend meatloaf...out of chocolate Rice Crispy cereal. The kids didn't even want to eat that! Not even with a side of ice cream mashed potatoes & Starburst peas & carrots. Today, however, is a red-letter day. I am cooking real meatloaf...kind of. I bought individual slices of meatloaf for him, and am warming them up, just for him...because I love him. The rest of us are having chicken.


carie said...

i am literally rolling on the floor laughing...i can remember talking to you ABOUT made my night!!!!

Suzanne said...

Give the man his meat.
I enjoy it myself,about every 5 years I cook it. I think the anniversary is coming up.

My Dad used to always tell me:
"Don't let your meat loaf".
I think that may have been "dirty".

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