May 11, 2008

more than words

Today at church, the sermon was about the Holy Spirit...and about being a witness- seeing and sharing what we see. My husband leaned over and whispered in my ear... I think your blog is a witness. I didn't think I heard him correctly, and he repeated... your blog does that... it is a witness. It actually brought tears to my eyes. He was the skeptic...I dove into blogging without much thought or care...the words were tumbling around in my mind looking for a way out, and I dove in. He was not happy. He was not upset... but not happy. I think he was afraid of what might become of me in front of the keyboard... that he might never see me again! When I was finally ready to share with him, after post #3, he was proud of what I wrote... but I could still feel his wariness. And now he thinks my blog is a witness? He made me cry...tears of thanksgiving.

My Mom, I could tell, was also a skeptic. She didn't come right out and say it... but I could feel her questions... is it safe? is it safe? is it safe? And now... she has shared it with more people than I know. A year ago, my Mom painted her conversation with God... it is beautiful... it is breathtaking... it is His inspiration painted by her paintbrush... by her faith. And she believes this blog is my conversation with God.

I thank you for reading these posts...these moments in time, that come rushing into my mind and my heart... I thank you for the kind words...the honest emotion that you have shared with me in response. That my words have worth is a unique and wonderful feeling... especially for someone who has been content just having these conversations in her mind.


carie said...

i agree with eric...i hear the whisperings too...and i too am grateful.

Suzanne said...

I love it.....and YOU!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

What a sweet husband you have.... not only that he thinks that, but he is so encouraging towards you.

You do have a lovely blog. I come here often. :-)

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