May 08, 2008

riding high

Today is the best day ever! Well, okay...maybe not as great as when my kids were born or anything...but definitely the best day this week! I picked out my Mother's Day gift this morning...a kitten for my family. It's name is Scout and it's pretty cute...all morning at work I just had to keep peeking at him...until Eric came and brought him home for me. And then I went home at lunch to visit. A kitten. It's been almost a year since we lost Emma...and although it has been good to be "pet-free," we still half-expect her to be waiting at the door when we arrive home in the dark. And what a great feeling to surprise the kids...Laura especially. If there was ever a girl who loved a cat, it is my girl, who still, at almost 14, will occasionally "meow" with joy.
And just when I thought all hope was gone for my job at school, just when I had accepted it, I found out I was wrong. It's been confirmed, but not "official" that I'll still have my job next year. I almost cried. It is where my heart is...I love the kids...I love the books...I love the kids.
And I sit, exhausted and overcome with emotion. All is right with my world.


carie said...

Wahooey! I'm so glad that it looks like you are staying!!! And Scout is adorable...what a great, great day!!! Glad you blogged it all!!!

Suzanne said...

I am so happy for all of you!!!
Scout is adorable. Yummy.
And that you may have your job next year...that is great news for you. Not so good for me.
I guess this post was not about me though.....
Love ya-

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