May 04, 2008

gifts of love

A perfect pink rose on our first date...a panda proposal six months later...beautiful pearls on our wedding day...a PBR membership...the perfect book from the library...a Justin McBride banner...a sweet card on Leap Day...and the list goes on... One of his gifts is being a wonderful gift giver...he often brings tears of joy to my eyes over the thought he has taken to surprise me. His gifts are his way of showing me matter how simple the gift, I feel his extravagant love. I am so thankful for this love in my life...for this love of a lifetime.
He just has a knack for knowing me... for knowing what I need... and for finding heart shaped stones on the beach.

1 comment :

Suzanne said...

Ohhh that is SO sweet. (are you sure you are talking about Eric?)
Just kidding. I know he loves and adores you, which he should.... you are a GIFT!

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