May 27, 2008

not all that great

I know that I practically raved about Walgreens the other day... but I will agree with Suz and say that the pharmacy is maddening. I have been so mad so many times that I now only use Publix... I forget that they even have a pharmacy at Walgreens! But, yesterday... it was the only one open. My dear husband hurt his back moving chairs at church on Saturday (I think he still thinks he is 25 and can easily lift 5 chairs at once!) So, he finally decided to go to see a doctor... yesterday... a national holiday. (I may not have mentioned this before, but he has a thing about the ER and holidays... I think it is on his "must-do" list... since he was little) Anyway, I got an irate phone call from him while I was on my home from a very relaxing afternoon at the waterpark. He needed his scripts filled, Publix was closed, and Walgreens no longer had his insurance info (go figure, it's been 10 years!) He was mad... angry... and in need of his meds!! I tried to talk him down, told him to go back in (if he hadn't made that big of a scene) and leave the script... I would go home, get the insurance card, and go back for him. I hung up, hoping he would follow my advice. As I passed Walgreens on my way home, I half expected to see the SWAT team surrounding the store... but thankfully, they were no where in sight. After printing out the new insurance card, I returned to the pharmacy via the drive thru. Although he assured me that he didn't make that big of a scene, I wasn't taking any chances. I was waited on by Adonis (no, that was his name) and then I was made to wait... forever... while he disappeared beyond the window. I started to wonder if he was ever coming back! We did finally get the medicine, but if I can help it, we will not go back to the pharmacy there. I'll just go back to Publix... where they know my name... and I guess, every detail of our medical history.


Suzanne said...

funny. Well, not the "eric getting hurt" part. I hope he is feeling better. How heavy are the church chairs anyway?
I DO loathe the pharmacy at wallgreens. They mess me up at least once a own fault for going back once a year.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Gee whiz - my Walgreen's pharmacy is good!

I will say, Dawn, I can relate to the cranky-husband-due-to-back-pain issue. My husband is a UPS man and has had TWO (yes, TWO) back surgeries. So, we're very familiar wtih pain meds, etc. It's not a fun thing.
I hope your hubby gets to feeling better soon. Nothing like a cranky, in-pain husband to ruin everyone's "good time". :-(

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