May 27, 2008

it's hard to say goodbye

I had the nicest surprise this evening... a phone call from a friend! Although I do not particularly care for talking on the phone, there are exceptions to every rule!! And I love to chat away the time with Carie! Our phone calls go back quite a ways... not as far back as the timer in the drawer, but certainly before call waiting! We would just chat and clean... and help each other survive the days filled with toddlers and preschoolers. Hours and hours... I think Eric actually had the operator break through a conversation (or two) to get through to me. And we could have just met out in the street and had the same conversations... however, our homes would not have been as clean! Now we both have much busier lives... and a phone call is almost a luxury! Tonight we laughed, we commiserated, we talked over each other in a rush to get it all out, and then backtracked. We reminisced and we planned... and we must have almost said goodbye six times! But then, we'd have just one more thing... which turned into another.. and another! It's one of those things that drive my husband crazy... Just another minute, honey! And he knows he might as well just sit down and wait... or find something to keep him busy... another twenty minutes. Tonight, though, he must have known I'd be a while... he never even gave me "the look." I am so thankful for that uninterrupted time with my forever friend... picking up right where we left off, without missing a beat!

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carie said...

me too! me too! me too!

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