May 17, 2008


Do you ever feel like Cinderella? Not the beautiful Cinderella who shows up at the ball in regal horse and carriage, decked out, from head to glass ensconced toe, by her very own fairy Godmother, but the Cinderella who is standing in torn rags and tears, after getting every other member of her household ready? I know that appearance isn't everything, but when you are headed out with your whole family for a lunch date, it does matter a little- but maybe not to anyone but me? I am not the best wife... I do not slave over laundry and spend hours ironing. I shop and choose items specifically for their "fashionably wrinkled" look. So when my family appears, ready to go out, I typically have to beg them to strip down so I can iron whatever they have chosen...because it looks like they just picked it up off the floor. Maybe I put too much pressure on myself... I just admitted that I am not that good wife who lives to iron, so why do I feel like the world needs to think I am? Why do I feel like our image as a family is a direct reflection on my homemaking abilities? I think I want to be Super Dawn... the best wife ever, the best mom ever, the best me ever... at least just for my family. I pray that God will make me the woman He wants me to be... to show me the way I can be all that He desires me to be. And here I with my family (almost) picture perfect ready...and I have forgotten to put my make-up on.


Suzanne said...

Dawn, one of the things that I LOVE about you is your inability to care about what others think.
Also, the fact that Eric shares so many chores with you is just fab.
You are the Best wife and Mom. You are who God intended you to be.
If you were Martha Stewart you would not be any fun!

Dawn said...

Oh Suz...thanks. It means a lot :)

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