May 30, 2008

plan b

My original idea for tonight was to get a group of friends together and drive a bit north to see Anita Renfroe, who is, the funniest woman...EVER! But many are busy on a Friday night, and my "group" dwindled to just two... and then the tickets were sold out. Not funny. Oh well... disappointing, but not tragic! And so, we had to make "plan b." After much discussion, we decided on pedicures and food- Cheesecake Factory. That's enough to almost wipe "plan a" from my mind! The pedicure was not quite relaxing, as I felt awful that the woman had to work so hard... she probably has to take tomorrow off... but I sure love the end result and my pretty toes! And dinner was delicious... with leftovers in the fridge. But so much more important than anything on the "plan b" list, or even the "plan a" list, was time with a friend... It's more than just the chit chat and the laughter. It's the connection with someone who wants your world to be perfect and will help you accomplish it if she can... someone who sees beyond what's in front of her and sees the possibilities... someone who sees a need and lends a helping hand... someone who you can relate to and reminisce with... someone who can laugh about the styles of our past. Sometimes "plan b" turns out better than "plan a." I'll have to remember that.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Gorgeous toes! And hey - you can ALWAYS see Anita Renfroe on You Tube, right??? :-)

carie said...

plan b's often are just like that!

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