May 30, 2008

to be appreciated

We do our best... we do what is right... we go along everyday, just doing what needs to be done. Sometimes, all we need is a simple "thank you." I am not big on praise...I think because I am somewhat uncomfortable with compliments, myself. But a thank you? It means the world to me. To feel that what I do makes a difference to someone? It makes all the difference, to me. Sometimes, though, a thank you is shown instead of spoken... an iced coffee and a sunshiny card waiting to greet me on a tough day... a whispered phrase of affirmation... a starbuck's gift card, but more importantly, the thoughtful words in the card... a hug, hiding teary eyes... lunch with a sweet girl whose hands are the softest and the sweetest... prayers for what I hope for... a friend, ever so gently, checking on me to make sure I'm okay- for my husband. All of these, beyond words... beyond grace. Thank you for making my world sweeter.

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HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Yes, I agree. A small word of thanks foes a long way.
We had a celebration at church tonight and I volunteered to help set up and then clean up with the coffee and desserts that were going to be served. Only 3 other people showed up to help (and we go to a REALLY big church...) Anyway, long story short, I was there from 5:30 until after 10 for this. But when one of the pastor's wives came back into the kitchen to say "Thank you" and "Is there anything I can do to help?" it really made all the work (and my aching feet) worthwhile. :-)

(And of course the fact that I was serving God, through serving others, as well.... I just kept reminding myself of that....)

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