April 05, 2013

friday letters...8

Dear Friday,
It's raining, it's pouring... so you think it is going to get worse? Or stop?  We have errands to do.  Things like... drive an hour + 1/2 to pick up the most fabulous chicken... and swing into the Boy Scout shop for a badge sash + a new shirt {because someone should be looking his best when he is presented with his Life Scout rank.}  We'll trek out anyway... and ask God to ride along on the slick roads.  And don't be too surprised if I jump in a puddle! 

Dear Blog,
Are you getting excited?!?!  Someone has a birthday coming up next week!!!  YOU!  Five. A big one.  Especially for the girl who can't ever keep up with anything... Let's make some plans to celebrate, okay? 

Dear General Hospital {yes, the soap!}
Fifty?! I think I've been watching for almost thirty years.  That doesn't include watching it while my Mom watched before I was old enough to see it, but it does include the years that she told me I wasn't old enough enough to watch it, but did anyway {sorry, Mom!} What a fun week this has been!  Faces that I haven't thought of for years appear on my screen and my mouth makes an "O" and tears sting my eyes.  And the best is yet to come... the next three shows are going to be amazing, and I can hardly wait.  Although... I might.

Dear TiVo,
Without you, I would have never been able to keep up with GH! Never, ever.  You know just when to record and watching with you makes an hour fly right by... in about 35 minutes!  Thank you!

Dear Easter Candy,
Well, almost all of my favorites are gone... anything that is worth eating anyway.  I know, I know... that is because I already ate it.  Now I'm done.

Dear San Antonio,
I'm getting excited!!!

Happy Friday to you...I hope it is a happy one!


Southern Gal said...

Yay for the Life Scout honor! That's so exciting. And your blog is five years old? That's fabulous. My mama used to watch Days of Our Lives, the Doctors and Another World in that order. I watched GH when Luke and Laura were the thing, but quit with soaps altogether shortly thereafter. It's funny because my mother-in-law still watches Days and for a long time I could visit her while it was on and know exactly what was happening after years of not watching!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Recently I was wondering if Cam was going to make being an Eagle Scout part of his scouting career. You'll have to let me know what Life Scout ranking is. Surely it is good stuff.
Five years? What is the gift for that, tin foil or plastic wrap? I'll have to start shopping. I, for one am glad you were able to keep up with this. I love reading your thoughts.
So, your 'stories' have been on TV for fifty years? Surely it was one of the first shows ever on TV. LOL!
San Antonio? What? Someone has been keeping secrets.

jenn said...

General Hospital has been on for 50 years?!? I too would watch when I wasn't supposed to... Gosh, I haven't seen it in years! Loved Luke and Laura!!

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