April 10, 2013

one summer plan

In my Friday letters last week I let San Antonio I was getting excited... and Suz accused me of secret keeping!  Well, I would never keep a secret from her, I just hadn't gotten around to the telling!  And so, yes, we are going to San Antonio for six days this summer... and bringing four teens along for the ride. 

Camden was just four when we took our first youth group to a National Youth Gathering... and as we stood and worshipped in the SuperDome, I hoped and prayed that I would have the opportunity to stand beside my own children when it was their turn to come.  Three years ago we were honored and blessed to bring our Laura back to the same city for her NYG.  It felt very full-circle-ish... and yet I knew that there was one more life-changing gathering that my heart was desperate to attend...the next one, Camden's turn.  When the destination for the 2013 NYG was revealed, this fiesta-loving girl was beyond thrilled to hear San Antonio, TX!  

The details are just about set... plane tickets purchased and hotel reservations made.  On July 1st six of us will head west... to Texas, and towards Jesus.  I am already thanking God for the wonderful time we are going to have... there is just nothing like being in the midst of 30,000 worshipping teens.  And this fiesta-loving-Jesus-praising girl is going to be standing right along side them... guiding and teaching and soaking it all in.  And the very best part... will be watching my son fall in love with his Savior all over again.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, this is so exciting!!!! I'm so happy for you all....and especially for Cam!

Pam said...

Yay...coming to Texas! San Antonio is a fun city and it sounds like you have amazing plans. So glad you're coming 'here'. : )

Unknown said...

That sounds like so much fun Dawn. I love that you have so many adventures with your kids. Have I told you lately what a fantastic mom you are? It's true.

Southern Gal said...

It sounds glorious! I'm going to get to Texas one day.

jenn said...

How exciting!!!

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