January 05, 2019

a quiet luxury...

One more cup of coffee this morning is a quiet luxury.
I've already checked a few things off my list. Workout {check}, breakfast within an hour of waking up {check}, a whole lot of water sipped {check}... and now that I'm back from dropping Laura at work, I have a few more minutes to decided what to do with this beautiful day that lays before me.

I'm not usually so motivated in January. I feel like I typically am not quite ready for fresh and new, and I'd rather drag my December feet until Valentine's Day. Or, the night before Valentine's Day! That is when I would always swing into high gear, crafting up some fun and fabulous cards with my kids for school... the next day. But these days, there are no kid crafts to create, and the only school projects that come my way are at the request of my favorite school deputy. If I'm really honest, I would say that I thought I would miss those days desperately... but I don't. I loved the journey of Laura and Camden growing up, and of course, just like "they" said, it went way too quickly. But on the other side, there is a whole lot of wonderful.

It is a very nice feeling to sit and contemplate, watching the palms sway in the breeze, and have a breath of contentment wrap around you.

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Busy Bee Suz said...

YES to all of this. I agree with you, it was a great adventure raising our kids, but this is nice too. (we survived!) So, does this mean you've taken your tree down?

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