January 30, 2019

life lately... the short edition

When I scroll back through the photos on my phone, I am often surprised...at what is there, and what isn't. Sometimes it is a glimpse of a few days ago, and I've already forgotten the moment. Or... I wonder where the last week has gone, and why I haven't captured anything. And so we have... the short edition...

1. I saw these over the weekend in Target. I've been dreaming about them ever since.
I love the dark toasty burnt ones the very best... I did not buy them, and won't.
Because one sitting and I'd be on the hunt for a second box. 

2. Sometimes you have to bend and look from a different perspective.
This is a favorite from the weekend walk.

3. I am not a neat painter... especially at the zoo.
But these layers of color and the how it happened made me smile. 

4. This ray of sunshine is still blooming
and giving us a glimpse of brightness, even under a gray sky.
And the quote? It's a favorite.

...and I'm hoping this lack of beautiful moments will remind me to work harder to see the beauty in the daily ordinary, and choose to snap the shutter and save it.


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