January 04, 2019

the lights go dim...

In an unprecedented move I took the decorations off the tree yesterday. {If you've forgotten, I'm more of a Super Bowl Sunday undecorator.} I had some panic-stress to work off, and putting on my sneakers and taking a walk around the block seemed like more than I could handle... so I just started methodically removing memories from the branches of the tree, wrapping them carefully in tissue. It did the trick, and somehow I began to breathe easier.

The tree still stands in the living room though... with the angel holding court over the light.

It seems January is too soon robbed of the glorious December light. Night by night there is less glow, as Santas are tucked away, and twinkling stars are unstrung from branches and window frames. The lights that brought us such joy in early December are suddenly just a nuisance, gladly boxed up for eleven long months. Before long, the street lights and the moon will be the only guides along the way.

In the dimness... I still long for the light, the joy of each December day.
So I light candles, switch on the fireplace, and let the tree glisten for a few more nights... to hold off the dark. And I find ways to light January.

...remembering the wise men are still on their journey to the manger for two more days.
...listening to music that reminds me to choose joy.
...gathering around the table for game night.
...dancing through the living room.
...seeking His Word.

Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path
Psalm 119:105


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