January 24, 2019

life lately...last week's edition

Just when I think I'm on a roll... I fall. But this is me, picking up where I left off. I was going to say story of my life but the truth is, it's not too unusual that I just let something lie. So here's to a new me, for however long I can hold her.

{okay...this might be tough on my heart... just seeing the photos of Cam HOME, and now he's halfway across the world.}

1. This is me making a dream come true - a glass blowing session! What did I actually make? Coming soon to a blog near you!

2. Three pieces of my heart during a beautiful family outing - we met Winter the Dolphin!

3. If you know me at all, you know that ice cream is a huge part of my life... I didn't have one {ouch} but enjoyed watching Camden enjoy this banana split {my Mom's favorite thing to make...EVER.}

4. Me and my nephew... we were at a hockey game and there he was a few rows over!

5. I love finding a sand dollar...ever just a piece. Beautifully broken.

6. Even at twenty-two he needs to climb... up on the hurricane debris, not the railing!

7. This beautiful photo mysteriously appeared on my phone...

8. Catching up with a friend after a year and a half as if no time has passed?! THE BEST!

9. I love my zoo enrichment days... especially if we can see the lions tear it apart.


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