January 28, 2019

a weekend soaking...

Two days of rain is hardly something to complain about... it's just unusual for the weekend to be soaked so deeply. Thankfully, we managed a beautiful dry walk through the swamp Saturday before the deluge.
Our afternoon plans were not so lucky...
We watched the forecast and the clock, came up with a few different plans, and then decided there is no place like home. We didn't completely abandon the annual Sunshine State Steak Cook Off, we just decided the grab-and-go method would be best this  year.
 Armed with raincoats, umbrellas, hot tea, and a attitude of fun, we drove out to Ave Maria, walked the loop, waited in line, and then when the serving line opened at 5pm, we bee-lined through as quickly as we could. Then we made our way to our favorite steak grill, secured our dinners in the car, and headed home... at 5:09.
We enjoyed our great steak dinner with friends and laughter, as dry and warm as could be.
Who won the Steak Off? It doesn't matter...Cowboy Steak is always our favorite.
I know the rain is cold my dear, but dance in it a little while you wait for the sun,



Busy Bee Suz said...

Making the most of it....that's you!!

Southern Gal said...

I think we are all a little sick of the rain. I know it's not usual for your area, though.

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