January 09, 2019

life lately... the christmas edition

Today I'm skipping back a few weeks to Christmas, and the season around it. I haven't done too much about the rest of the decorations... they are still providing some festive atmosphere! And before I tuck them away, I thought I'd revisit some of the beauty {and the crazy!}

1. On a rainy Saturday in Iowa, we went to the Amana Colonies
and found refuge from the storm in a barn full of beautiful Christmas trees!

2. Every year, our zoo puts on "Winterfest" and the animals all get special
Christmas enrichment. This year  we painted many special boxes and paper mache
balls for the animals to receive their treats in!

3. Our favorite hockey night... Teddy Bear Toss! Almost the whole family went this year.

4. Our friends treated us to a Christmas concert as a thank you.
See that guy in the background? Paul Todd. He is an amazing musician with the
most unique hair I've ever seen. It was a night of laughter, singing and jazz hands. 

5. Shop-With-A-Cop is probably his favorite event of the year... and extra special
because he has the opportunity to choose several children from
his elementary school to participate.
It's bound to be a beautiful Christmas if there is a pink unicorn involved!

6. Oh my Suz... her annual Christmas party is always fun, and she lets me
be as silly as I want, with hardly any disapproving looks! 

7. Christmas Eve at Gramma and Grampa's house and the Great Saran Ball.
It takes us about an hour to unwrap it, and then trade around our special goodies
{like sardines, sharpies, and candy.} It's the most fun! 

8. My Mom never asks for anything for Christmas, but this year... she did have one request.
It took me some time to find it, but I was able to replace her favorite tee shirt.

9. Matching jammies and wiggling toes
under the twinkling lights on Christmas morning. 

It was a beautiful season.


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Busy Bee Suz said...

What a beautiful December you've had.
So, does Bob have a "Chris's Husband" t-shirt?
My fave pic is of all the precious toes in front of the Christmas tree.

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