August 27, 2019

along the side of the road...

He shakes his head, rolls his eyes, and tells me no... but sometimes he stops anyway. This past spring we were driving through the center of the state and the scent of orange blossoms in the air was overwhelming. You know, that scent speaks to my soul... the breath of Jesus. As I longingly gazed at the groves that run along both sides of the country highway, I also looked for a spot I could ask him to stop. I knew he'd think safety first! and possibly be completely unwilling to pull the car over onto the shoulder. But... in the endless ways he shows his love for me, he did it anyway.
I was giddy! I dashed my way through the sugar sand and buried my nose deep in the blossoms. It was glorious... in every way. I quickly tried to document the beauty and the moment, all the while knowing he was waiting, impatiently, in the car just beyond me. Sometimes it's hard to stuff all that joy into a four minute stop, but I did my best! And... as we rolled along the rest of the way, the view of the trees through the window seemed more.
Last Sunday, I asked again for a roadside stop...
He made some ridiculous statements about me getting hit by a car, and I rolled my eyes. Eventually, after a u-turn, he did stop for me, and I took a couple of pictures of the water rushing over the weir.
We wait for this every year... when the rains come heavy and fast, and the back canal wears down the earth and breaks through to the front. The birds splash in it, and sometimes a big gator lounges right in the center of the stream. Two years ago the development behind the canals worked very hard to stop the rushing flow, pushing in stones and dirt and flattening it over with the steamroller. It almost broke my heart... but the rains are faithful, the power of the water stronger than the will of man.

Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle.
-Crystal Middlemas

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