August 05, 2019

the graduate...

The second week in May we took our third trip to Iowa.
(Fourth, I suppose, if you count that first college visit.)

Honestly, I thought we'd visit more than three times over his four years at Cornell...but we've apparently raised a pretty independent young man. After the first time he moved out of his dorm, then back in again, all on his own, I stopped worrying about it. He figured it out, just like he has figured out a thousand other things before, and since. I am very thankful.

I can hardly believe the experience that Cornell College provided Camden. On top of his amazing education, earned 18 days at a time, he made lifelong friends, and experienced many once-in-a-lifetime adventures: swimming with sea lions, swimming with whale sharks, researching flying fox in Mauritius, and spending two months in South Africa researching sharks {yes, that DID include a cage dive and great white sharks...but he survived, so I forgave him.} I did not know that college had all of this to offer.

Is there anyone more proud than a Mom whose son graduates college on Mother's Day? It was an amazing gift - he'll probably not be able to top it! I was so excited for the weekend and the ceremony. Seeing him in his element, so grown, almost did me in. The ceremony was very personal, especially knowing that a friend he made on day one was giving the graduation speech {along with his first adviser}and it was FUN! I'm not sure I expected that, but it really was! We are so very proud of him and all he has accomplished so far.

There are a few more stories to tell about this epic week in May... so I'll dub this Graduation week!
More to come!

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Southern Gal said...

I'm reading backwards, newer to older, so my comments are overlapping. Anyway, congrats again to Camden. I am praying for that perfect job in God's timing and patience during the wait.

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