August 29, 2019

life lately...

This week has us glued to the news, watching and waiting on news of Hurricane Dorian. Will she come our way? Or just drift north? It is always a big waiting game, filled with speculation and denial. After Irma, I'm paying a little more attention. 

So while we wait, here's a little bit of life lately...
1. Our anniversary guacamole... and the one I love. 

2. Our favorite place {where we didn't go for our anniversary dinner} celebrated us with this treat!

3. It's kind of his first car... the first time he got to choose, at least.
He said goodbye to the shared pickup {his sister's choice} and hello to this little car. 

4. It's always fun to find a new {delicious!} food truck!

5. My son loves Peeps... as long as they are Halloween ghosties!

6. A little glimpse of my palate on Zoo day!

7. Sometimes I think my gallery is a series of screenshots...
seemingly the only way I ever see the faces of my kids.
I love that she actually sent a photo of her face, because I miss it!

8. This sunset was glorious!

9. A project finished! I don't often get to say that. 
I am either setting it aside, or unraveling...

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