August 21, 2019

life lately... the unposted edition

I didn't take enough photos this week for a life lately, but I thought I'd look back at some memories from this past year... and I found a grid that I made to be posted, but never did. Go figure...
1. I do remember this well... I felt crummy and walked over to CVS to get some
cold remedies, and there was the after-Valentine's Day carts of candy.
I could have just rolled one of those carts right out, BUT I resisted. 

2. This winter/spring we racked up the miles on our bicycle-built-for-two!

3. Navy blue... it's a favorite!

4. I made this garland of circles and was instantly in love! I bought this tube of paper
circles at Michael's on clearance about 9 years ago. I know I would use them eventually!
The best thing was that when I thought of them, I could actually FIND them (oh my...)

5. I am still loving my Wednesdays at the zoo -
and my favorite is making this paper mache enrichment!

6. Oh the beauty of the patterns in nature...

7. We threw a Mardi Gras party this year and it was so much fun! 
I have a million more photos I could post...

8. I felt like I spent this winter/spring, stalking social media for sightings of Camden
 in South Africa...but on this day we actually got to talk to him LIVE and almost-in-person!
The connection was as great as the quality of this photo...

9. That watch represents 20 years of service with the Sheriff's Office for my husband.
Other than his continued safety, the thing I'm most thankful for is that he
has had the opportunity to learn many different aspects and jobs over the years...
all while working for the same employer!

Happy Wednesday!

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