August 14, 2019

life lately...

Happy Wednesday!
I love Wednesdays... I'm off from work, it's my play-day at the zoo, and I can regroup for the last two days of the week. The weekend doesn't seem too far off!
1. We were so thrilled to help out at a back to school event for foster kids!
It was really a well run, wonderful event. Each child received a new backpack filled
with school supplies, a school uniform, a new pair of shoes, and even a fresh haircut to
start the year off right! There was also a bus for health screening and if they needed glasses,
they got them. A great collaboration of nonprofits in our corner of the world.
There were also toys... Eric & I got to work the toy table!

2. Look at the proud {exhausted} Mama lion!
One of {her three} cubs snuggled right in and posed for this photo!

3. Just some Sam's Club roses...

4. We've had a couple of relaxing weekends, and they have been blissful...

5. Cousins! We love when Texas family is in town.
We all had a great visit, and it was fun capturing these four.
Yes, four! Laura was skype-ing in!

6. Summer birthdays... and have you met Nothing bundt Cakes?
They are delicious. And that little one?
It's gluten-free... so yes, Eric is happy.

7. Eric is started at his new school yesterday and he's now keeping the Bullfrogs safe.
His office is decorate appropriately... courtesy of his personal crafter. 

8. Paper cranes from Denver. Be still my heart. 

9. BINGO! After months and months of playing Bingo at the brewery, I won!
It was very exciting... and I probably scared some people with how excited I was!


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Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this back to school event for Foster kids-I hope they all felt special and loved.
The roses are gorgeous. Cousins are the best, even if they're skyped in.
BINGO-Good lord, I can only imagine how loud you were. LOL!!
I didn't know Eric moved schools-I hope it's a positive change for him.

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