January 14, 2020

life lately... the christmas edition

If December is my favorite {and it is}, Christmas is the cherry on top of the most delicious sundae, making it picture perfect. I worked hard to be prepared for the season... wanting to leave time to just enjoy the beauty. Laura's gifts were off to Colorado in plenty of time, and I finished up my shopping at the gift card kiosk at the grocery store. I was just about ready for Christmas when I felt the first signs of bronchitis in my chest - I just had a little baking I wanted to do. I was finally ready to try my hand at some gluten-free cookies for the one I love. I pushed myself until I couldn't... and then slept through the three days before Christmas Eve. But there was no way I was missing out on the most fun day of the entire year - I would rise to the occasion! 1. Christmas enrichment for the animals at the zoo! I love this time of year! 
At one point I mentioned to my boss that sometimes companies come to
volunteer at the zoo - and she loved the idea so much
that we turned it into our Christmas party.
I loved sharing my zoo job {and my Mom!} with my co-workers!

2. I made the gluten-free gingerbread cookies the Monday before Christmas,
and finally decorated them the day after. I was pleased with the taste and texture -
and Eric was thrilled! A few days later I attempted a thumbprint cookie and it was delicious!

3. This little guy hawks his newspaper every December, faithfully. He is one of my favorite
 Village People... reminding me of Newsies. The Christmas village brings me so much joy...

4. He sang A Soldier's King in church. His voice goes straight to my heart.

5. The tree! We purchased a new one in October, I set it up to check the lights...
and I've been enjoying it ever since. It might come down this weekend...
but I'm not making any promises.

6. Christmas Eve! I made it and the day was full of fun and laughter.
We waited for Camden to finish work before we started the saran wrap ball -
but that may have been a mistake! He really got lucky and every time it was his turn
he seemed to unroll a few layers, while some of us couldn't even find an end...

7. It is perhaps my favorite gift.
Eric loves to find something special for the three of us -
and these ice cream cone blankets are as soft as they are adorable.
Cozied up with my Mom & sister made the moment perfect. 

8. Christmas Legos. May there never be a Christmas without them...

9. Laura stayed in Colorado for the holidays, and while I missed her being here,
I was thankful she was invited to Eric's cousin's house.
She had a blast, and Erica sent me some photos during the day.
That smile on her face made it all okay for me. 

I hope your holidays were magical and full of light!

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