January 13, 2020

seeking beauty along the way... always

The back pocket of my jeans, the side pocket of my running pants, or just tucked into my wristlet... I hate to be without my phone. Leaving my phone behind means no camera... and usually, there will be something I feed the need to photograph. For years, any new purse purchase was concretely based upon its ability to tote my small point & shoot camera - because I became dedicated to capturing the ordinary every day moments of life. The grocery store, the park, a day out with friends... there is sure to be moment or an object my heart longs to capture. Now, of course, all I need is that handy phone...

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph. 
- Leon Levinstein

Its just... me. 
Why? Because no one is exaggerating when they say it all goes by in the blink of an eye, and if I cannot capture the sound of the laughter in the backseat, maybe I can freeze the moment in time. And when the beauty of nature speaks to my heart and soul, I can click the shutter, and revisit the colors and the journey of the day. I want to live without regret, and if slipping my phone out of my pocket to take the picture helps me imprint the vision on my heart, I will do so unapologetically. 

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