January 08, 2020

the new year... take 2{020}

We rang in the new decade celebrating the 20s with friends and strangers. We never go out to ring in the new year, but our favorite pub announced a Roaring Twenties party, and we immediately signed up. We dined at home, fancy around the table. Candles and twinkle lights made the clear glass baubles of the Candlewick glisten, and set the mood for our night. Then we were off to the pub for games and the count down. Our midnight kiss was sweet and full of promise... there will be lots to love in this new year.

 I've probably said it before, but I'm not much a New Year kind of girl. The late hour makes me sleepy, and the resolutions make me queasy... full of false hope and already set up for regret. What makes January the boss of fresh starts, anyway? But maybe... how we feel about the new year coming relates to how successful we were in the twelve months prior.

And my last year? It was focused and full of hard work.
From beginning to end, I was focused on my health and being active. I gained an accountability partner - who immediately seemed like a long lost sister. Together we have stayed on track and inspired each other to keep going. And I lost... a good amount of weight and regret. I even did things I have never done... like exercise vacation, and run a 5k {actually, two!} My confidence soared and knowing I can do hard things, has made me a little proud, and a little fearless.
So what do I wish for this new year? More.
More energy, more motivation, more pounds lost.
More creativity, less phone.
More life, more adventure.
More love, more gratitude... more kindness.

I am truly thankful for the gifts of 2019.

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