January 10, 2020

starting the day with a dance...

My body aches today, just a little past that good ache of a great workout. This was meant to be my testing the waters, take it slow week after the bronchitis, but... give me a great upbeat song and I just can't help but give a little more effort, and even dance through the breaks. The music just takes me places I can't go myself. And so... I will tell myself that this ache is good anyway.

It has been a year long prayer... to crave exercise. I never knew it was possible, but about six years ago, I was there, and what it did for my soul (and body) was incredible. But I got tired... and stopped, and then I couldn't find my way back through the sicknesses and surgeries. But here I am, two years surgery-free {and healed!} and finding ways to fit exercise into my life, even between the workouts.

I been praying (how long?)
For so, so long
Believing (for what?)
That day would come
He heard me (yes, he did)
And he pulled me out
He put me right here for such a time as now

This morning, it was Mandisa's Good News that set me off dancing. And that last line? I believe it. God has set me in this place for this moment. It may not be an Esther-size purpose, and that is just fine with me! I set out for my day, I feel propelled forward in His grace, ready for the purpose He places before me. God has stretched my heart in so many ways over the past few months... and I just trust. And run. And dance.

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