January 29, 2020

life lately...

The words having been coming and going over the last few weeks. They swirl up in my mind and start to form a story, and my procrastination sends them packing. For someone who has decided to make this year more creative, this brings a little disappointment in myself. But then the reminder comes... grace not perfection. And, of course, today is a new day.
1. Over the last couple of years whenever we see someone fishing, I tell Eric
I have never caught a fish!
Last October he bought me a little pink fishing rod, but we had no luck.
We decided to try again on a recent Saturday, and on my first cast,
that little pink fishing rod went flying right into the pond. Oops.
But then... I caught a fish! It was pretty exciting!
And now I need a new to find something new to "complain" about!

2. Laura had her 26th birthday mid-month, and though we were not together,
our gifts to her arrived on time! We were thrilled that she had a night out with friends,
and then treated herself to a day at a museum to see the Pixar exhibit she had been excited to see.
I'd post a better photo, but... this is all I have!

3. This month has had me stalling.
It seems the consensus is that January has been dragging on,
but for me, it has been blur. I finally had to make a plan
and get myself back on track to win the last ten days...
and so far I am definitely I AM! 

4. & 5. The weather has been glorious... cool days and warm sunshine!
We took a trip to our favorite farm and admired the sunflowers, and picked
three baskets of strawberries. Maybe we'll get another trip in while the berries are deep red.

6. Do you save your Christmas cards?
I cannot toss them... those precious photos are just a blink of time.
I'm almost done organizing them on metal rings
so I can flip through them from year to year.

7. My office mate is the best! What a welcome to the weekend!

8. Last year the Sunshine State steak cook-off lacked the sun and soaked us.
But this year there was no shortage of sun or steak or fun with friends!

9. We got a walk in last night... down safari road and to the boardwalk. 
It's never the same, but always beautiful... and typically just what I need. 

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