January 30, 2020

tale as old as time...

I love a handmade gift, and this new one has joined the other heirlooms that hang on the branches of our family tree. This is Laura's first attempt at wood burning and I love the result. She knows our love story, and I think it is beautiful that she celebrates it. 
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This summer, twenty-seven years after our wedding dance, he spun me in his arms again to Beauty and the Beast... this time under the stunning chandelier in the Grand Floridian Hotel. We were one monorail stop away from his 50th birthday dinner, just sipping on an icy beverage, enjoying the jazz band play when we heard those first few notes of our song. He knew he couldn't refuse...
The atrium of the Grand Floridian is beyond lovely, the way the way the ceiling almost touches the sky, and the railings run the edges like lace. It feels as magical as Cinderella's Castle, and each exquisite detail feels like a dream. Of course, being in his arms is my dream... and I'm wide awake.

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