May 25, 2009

t is for...


Trees... and my girl.
I suppose we started it when we perched her up in a tree before she had even celebrated a birthday... she loved it up there- with Daddy's strong hand behind her. She could see the world in different way. A couple years later we set her up on a branch again, in a Cherry Blossom tree by the Washington Monument... the same one her Daddy had loved when he was a little guy. She loves trees.

I will never forget that preschool year... when trees were removed from the playground so that a screen house could be installed. It was done during the day... while little eyes watched. On the way home that day there were tears as she explained how the trees were killed. Both she & Char came away from that with broken hearts... and I don't think they will ever forget it either.

Perhaps Florida does not have the best trees for climbing... and when you can find a good one, there are sometimes park rules that do not allow for such fun. Sorry, sir, we didn't know. But Laura has found her share of trees to play in... to dream in... to love.

Hope you are enjoying this A to Z Monday... Happy Memorial Day!


Grandma J said...

What a perfect T word. I have fond memories from my tree climbing days as a kid.

Life with Kaishon said...

Perfect T! It could also be for time. Look how quickly the time passes by! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day! Are you going on a picnic?

Busy Bee Suz said...

Awww a tree hugger in the making!!!
Great post and great pictures too.
I am a bit scared seeing that first one though...really, I can't see anyones hand holding her up!!!!

Margaret said...

Cute story, and cute pictures. She'll probably always love trees, and that's a great thing.

Ben said...

Nice salute to our tall friends. In fact, we are off to a botanical garden right now!

Jen said...

Wonderful T Dawn! love the pictures and story.
Have a great week!

K said...

Beautiful photos.

I love seeing your daughter at the different stages.

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