November 19, 2010

and i'm thankful

Yesterday I was searching for a way... to find the warmth of Thanksgiving.
The thankfulness lives in me all year long, but I find myself seeking the holiday magic. Thursday will come... we will watch the Macy's parade, we will gather with family around my Mom's table, and there will be Thanksgiving overload... but I find myself stamping my foot with an I want it now kind of attitude. I sink deep into thought and ask how I get there... how do I feel it now?

Oh, there are a million answers... but I need the right one for me.

Funny... that my answer arrived via Honey Baked Ham, right on our doorstep. A turkey and a quandary over what to do... then finally, a decision. Tonight we will cook... and share our meal with friends who are going out of town. A surprise pre-Thanksgiving feast. Suddenly my heart is in overdrive... wanting to make it a special evening, and somehow, I know that it will be... laced with that holiday magic and that warmth I was seeking.

Ask and it will be given you;  Search and you will find; Knock and the door will be opened for you.
Matthew 7:7


Michelle DeRusha said...

Sounds like the perfect evening to me, Dawn. Enjoy!

Busy Bee Suz said...

How wonderful. Your Thanksgiving wish...and I am sure it was perfection. :)

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