November 04, 2010

saturday celebration

The morning was beautiful. The bright blue sky that held the sun, and the little wisp of breeze that was just passing through. We sought the narrow lengths of shade provided by the tall palm trunks, and even though it wasn't much, it was deemed enough. We set up chairs along the curb, and hung tote bags on the arms... ready to grab when the sky would begin raining candy.

This parade is a long-standing tradition in this town... and we haven't missed many in the fourteen years of calling Florida home. Looking back, there are as many years we have participated as those when we have been spectators. In the parade, or on along the curb, there is never a shortage of fun. Or candy.

We clapped, we sang, we cheered, we stood with hands coving our hearts. And I may have yelled at a little boy who ran out in front of an ATV, thinking it was Camden. How I mistook him, I will never know... if I stood those two boys together Camden would have towered over him by three feet. I somehow forget that mine are no longer little.

I will tuck this Saturday morning away as one of my favorites. Sunshine and smile on my face, friend on one side of me, and sister on the other. And six kiddos... big and small... just having fun.  (How did I not get a picture of all six?  These are the cousins!)

Oops... make that seven. That's Eric on the ATV, throwing candy to the crowd, and he had a great time, too!


Anonymous said...

happy smiles. :)

Corinne Cunningham said...

what a glorious Saturday :)

kim said...

so fun! thanks for sharing.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hey...Eric really gets around..patrol car, atv, and that funky moving stand-up thing. :)
I am so glad that YOU can keep up these special traditions.
I stink at Them. Love the photos. Love your family.

Richella Parham said...

What fun!! Looks like a great occasion--and if there's candy, too, then it's REALLY great!

Isn't it funny how we can forget that ours are the big kids now?

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