November 05, 2010

glimpse of winter

And just as I am accepting fall, a little bit of winter sneaks in. Just a glimpse... Florida style. Brisk breezes free to fly without the weight of the thick humid air, and a temperature that makes me want to wrap myself in layers. But not just yet... first, I want to enjoy the chill, embrace it. I let my toes tingle and my feet pick up the pace across the cold walkway. I breathe it in and know... that these days are a gift. And while I typically go without a chill from April to November... a beautiful day like this brings me right back to August... and the rush of cool air that whipped past me, and all around me, as we bumped along dirt roads in another land.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Such a gorgeous day....I wish we had many of these all year long.
Winter; Florida style is perfection.

Pam said...

So jealous of your Florida style winter! I know we don't live "up north" but it snowed here quite a few times last winter and we had some bitter cold. Not my thing at all. I love a nice, cool...not We're enjoying the same today. Although it was in the 30's early.

imoomie said...

Ha-ha, I know exactly what you mean...I have been trying to accept Fall too!

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