January 14, 2011

no matter where

Our little ever-growing zoo has recently opened a giraffe exhibit, and my heart batttled between wanting to go, and not... wondering how it would be to see them in a zoo, after being oh-so-close to them on the Serengeti.  But a last day of vacation, bright with sunshine and the slightest cool breeze called for an outdoor activity... so off to the zoo we trekked. 

My heart skipped, my eyes filled... and love prevailed. 

Six young giraffes wandered and stretched, bowed to lap up a cool drink... and frolicked in the sunlight.  And when one was reaching, reaching, reaching up with his tongue to grasp a snack, I couldn't help laugh right out loud.  And when two would bend and bow their long necks around each other, my smile was wide, my eyes fixed on the gracefulness.  I love them here and there and everywhere. 

I believe in zoos... the education and the joy that happens there, the animals that are loved by keepers and guests.  And oh,  the chance to see the world, from the corner of your own!


dawn said...

Giraffes are my favorite animal--God was really creative when He made them with their cool patterns and long, long, neck, and big beautiful eyes. I told you if you come to Colorado Springs you can feed and touch them at our little zoo...

Busy Bee Suz said...

So sweet. I love them here, there and everywhere too. Those tongues are just incredible...they need their own zip code!

Pam said...

We fed giraffes on a vaca in Colorado Springs. It was amazing to see them so 'up close and personal'. A beautiful creation, for sure. : )

tracie @ tsj photography said...

dawn, your writing always leaves me smiling. you have a true gift with words and i feel blessed to read them.

Richella Parham said...

You love them here
You love them there
You love them, love them

Sorry. Maybe I'm too much of a Dr. Seuss fan?

But seriously, I love this post. It's cool to hear the thoughts of someone who has seen these majestic animals up close and personal--and now from a little different perspective.

You rock, you know?

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

How funny, a few minutes before reading your post I was talking to my brother in law who is working in a safari-zoo in Italy and he was telling me that a new baby giraffe was born! The sure are beautiful animals.
Thanks for stopping by today, have a great weekend, Veronica.

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