January 02, 2011

reliving the fresh air

My toes were itching to run before the car came to a complete stop, and I couldn't keep them from tapping their own song as we pulled into the site. The doors flew open and there we were... Myakka River, site 12. One glance in Eric's direction was all that was necessary, and at his nod, we took off, to be reunited with Big Beauty.
She seemed a little smaller... or perhaps Cam has grown that much.  But Big Beauty?  It is still her name, and she wears it well. 

As the tent was unfurled, we were showered with sand... and memories of the last time we camped as a family. One year ago in St. Augustine, and just five months ago on the Serengeti! We worked together, the four of us, to pitch the tent and create a two-night home. Chairs were placed around the fire ring, rope lights were strung up around the picnic table... and the deep breath that filled my lungs was fresh and clean. 
Chicken 'n' dumplings simmering in the pot, laughter singing through the sunset, and just us.  All of it reminded me how much I really love to camp, of how little it would take to convince me to be an adventure girl...


tracie @ tsj photography said...

you make me want to jump through this computer screen, pull up a chair & join you!

sooooo happy to read this post and know there is a refreshing of your soul!

happy new year friend!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, your camping weekend sounds perfect. I would even love to climb all over big beauty of a tree; fun.
Yep, that boy is still growing, sadly the tree isn't.
Happy new year!!!

jenn said...

lucky, lucky girl! makes me wish it was warm enough to take the pop-up out! maybe we just need to head south ;-)

what a glorious tree! yep, I think maybe Cam has grown just a little.

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