July 12, 2008

big beauty

Sometimes our eyes do not see what others see... we do not see beauty where others see it. I remember traveling to Aruba so many years ago- some people disliked the dusty desert environment- but for me, I only saw beauty. Dusty sand and cactus maybe not be pretty, but beautiful? I thought so. Especially the way the land transitioned from dusty desert to dark craggy trees that reached up from fine white sand and out over the tranquil aqua sea. I was amazed at how the land could sustain both. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And, on one of our last camping trips, that became evident, once again. The kids had found this old leaning tree- roots upended, limbs broken... it was their perfect playground.

Hours upon hours were spent climbing up and around the tree. Look Mom, that looks like a giraffe! Dad, watch me! Mom, can you take my picture? It was endless- and I was happy, that on our camping trip, Cam was finding fun in nature. On the last day, he came to me and told me they had named the tree. Big Beauty. That was her name. He needed to say goodbye, so I walked over with him.

She was beautiful- I hadn't looked that closely before. Her roots were upended, but some had returned to the earth, gnarled and seeking shelter, and perhaps the chance at new life. Her strong branches, twisted and reaching towards the sun. She was loved completely that weekend... she created adventure, she supported the weight of dreams, she sparked imagination... she showed her soul. Big Beauty... true beauty, seen through the eyes of a young man... and shared.

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