July 06, 2008

getting back to real life

It has been glorious to be on vacation... one week away, and one at home. We did accomplish a few things here on the home front, but most of all, we just spent time together. And tomorrow, we head back into reality. This evening brought on the preparations... a trip to the grocery store, uniforms at the ready, coffee set to brew. Eric heads off for work in the early hours of the morning... and I have one more day to play. But I am starting to get butterflies about starting my new job. Will I like it? Can I really do it? Will I be good at it? Will they like me? All of these insecurities just swimming around my brain... before I even have a chance to walk in the door. I am trying to push them aside... and I am starting to be excited about this new venture of mine. Perhaps this is right where I am supposed to be. I am, again, setting it in God's hands. I will continue to remind myself that He is in charge.

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