July 24, 2008

praying for wings

Yesterday I let go more than I ever have... I am not a worrier... I am not a Mom who hovers... and yesterday morning was tougher than I ever thought it would be. Laura flew to Dallas... on her own. Was she nervous? Nope. Not her. Sometimes I think she never gets nervous, but how can that be? She was just excited to be able to go and visit her cousin, and I was happy that she was having the chance. We said goodbye, and the flight attendant whisked her off onto the plane. I almost cried, but I didn't. I just started praying. Praying for her... the plane... the pilots... the engines... and most of all, that God would just hold His mighty hands around the plane until it rested safely on the ground once again. I do believe that if God chooses to bring you Home, it's inevitable. You can't do anything to change it. But I do think about something happening on the plane, and my girl being alone, and not having a hand to hold, or someone to wrap their arms around her and comfort and protect her. I shared this with a friend at church Sunday, and she gently reminded me, we are never alone. I did hold on to that thought as I stood and watched the plane- because it hit home. No matter where we go, God is there... to hold our hand... to wrap His loving arms around us... to comfort and protect us. Laura made it to Texas safe and sound, happy as could be... and the whole way, I was wrapped in His loving arms... His hand gripped mine in comfort, and my fears were pushed aside.

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