July 12, 2008

through little eyes

The first Troop 214 camping trip is just around the corner... and the planning is moving along. On Sunday, there will be a prayer service for the boys- it got us talking about people's beliefs, and what could be included, as to not offend any one's beliefs. While we were going over the scouts who would be present, we made the statement that everyone believed in God, but there is one boy who is Jewish. My little friend Em piped up, "Well, everyone has to believe in God." Oh, little one, I wish that was true. We went on to explain that unfortunately there are some who do not, and tried to leave it at that. Not Em... she wanted to talk more. I told her how sad I was that not everyone believed in Jesus... and I shared that I could not possibly imagine a day without Him. She agreed that it would be too sad, and what about the beautiful Bible stories about God? We talked for a few more minutes... and our little chat boosted my faith a little more. With little hearts as full as hers, our tomorrows should be radiant!

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