July 15, 2008

claiming my spot

I am half-way through my first week of my new job... and it's going well. I think I like it! It is really unlike anything I've ever done before... an office job... at a slow pace... very different! I am used to being a go-go-go kind of girl at work, but I have to say, the slower pace is not so bad- no worries about running down the stairs from the bathroom and crashing, with no one having time to even notice you aren't back yet... no worries about the wrong food at the wrong table... no fury of counting heads to make sure all of your "ducklings" are still present... It's good. And I'm trying to make the space mine... without making big changes. Just a picture or two of my little family. They are smiling at me from the bulletin board, encouraging me every step of the way.

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