July 04, 2008

the spirit of the day

Shiny balloons, adorned with stars and stripes... red, white & blue crepe paper twisted just so... American flags waving on the breeze... people decked out in their finest patriotic outfits... singing You're A Grand Old Flag... sharing your love of country with friends and strangers... I love the elements of the Fourth of July parade. It makes me smile... it makes me think... it makes me reflect. I remember, in school, when each morning after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, we would sing... usually My Country Tis of Thee, but sometimes America The Beautiful. That time has passed, and it is a day we probably won't ever see again. I remember playing these songs, and others, in the band... playing with a spirit of pride for our great country. These sights and sounds bring back more recent times, too... sending my husband off to serve and protect our nation, and celebrating his final homecoming. All days worthy of the red, white & blue.

This morning, as we were on our way to the parade, Laura and Cam asked to listen to patriotic music. It was fun, singing along in the car... all of us... in the spirit of the day. It was a good start to a great day. We sweated our hearts out in the parade... Boy Scouts honoring America. And then we carried on our celebrating with our family... swimming in the pool with cousins, "picnicking" with grandparents. And the grand finale of the night were the fireworks seen from the roof. And each moment was intertwined with memories of another 4th of July celebrated... last year we- or, remember when we- ... This year we were all together, and it felt just right. Happy Birthday, America.

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