July 04, 2008

my red, white and blue

I love the Fourth of July... and celebrating America. I love America. There is such a special place in my heart for this day- and it is more new memories, than old. I think I have always had this feeling of patriotism... my Mom taught me well... but it has certainly grown and become more a part of my everyday life over the last ten years or so. I don't often make it through The Star Spangled Banner without a tear or two, rolling down my cheek. And our flag... my heart soars just seeing it fly it the breeze, rippling those bold stripes. There was time when it seemed that America had forgotten how special it was... and red, white & blue was only for the 4th of July... and our beautiful flag was only displayed from homes three times a year... and our glorious anthem was only a song played at a sporting event. It is heartbreaking that the events of September 11th were what we needed to remember what we stand for, and remember that America is a place to be celebrated, more than one day a year. That one day changed so much for countless people... but it seems to have also brought back the pride for our country. Waving flags are seen every day... sometimes lines of them waving in sync... and my heart smiles at the beauty.

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