January 04, 2011

with gusto

Everywhere, in everything... I long to create beauty.  In the mirror, across the table, with fabrics... with a paintbrush.  I work over whatever it may be... until I am satisfied with the result.  Or...  until I just give up, throw in the towel.  I am careful... and quick to toss out the creations I deem not-beautiful-enough.

Cam and I went painting... each of us concentrating on our own canvas.  I only offered him one directional tip, and left the rest to him and his smile.  I worked over my own piece longing for it to be... so beautiful... but I was stuck on the tree trunk.  Wanting to go back and retrace my steps, I worked and worked at it... and finally decided I could be happy.  And then?  It was time to splatter paint.  Camden leaped from his perch and was ready with brush in hand.  I was still stuck on the splatter part.  Splatter?  Over all of this I had labored over?  I set my painting aside and went to watch Camden... and oh, what a show!  He danced around his canvas... sending karate chops of paint splattering across the sunset, across the trees, and he laughed the entire time.  I was caught up in his gusto... what mother wouldn't get lost in her child's complete and utter joy?!  Giving it one last glimpse he declared it was complete... and turned his eyes to mine.

I gave in, decided to give the splattering a try.  Shoes abandoned, jeans rolled, brush loaded with water and paint... and I could barely flick that brush.  I gritted my teeth and splayed out my arm, only to grab it back as quickly as it left my side.  Again, and again.  There was no joy to my dance... no gusto.  And I wanted it.  On my fourth or fifth trip around the canvas my movements became a bit looser, but with a single splatter my eye decided was too large and I was finished. 

Paint dry, and I looked over my creation again.  I saw it there... the beauty.  In the sunset streaked sky and the wisps of the tall grass.  And in the gold splattered across my giraffe's back.  I was content but for the wondering... wondering what it would have felt like to splatter with gusto...

here is what you've been waiting for!


Richella Parham said...

Dawn. . . where's the photo? I want to see.

And don't fret. . . what you occasionally lack in gusto you more than make up for with grace. Really.

jenn said...

everytime I "visit" you, I am in such awe. Awe at your words, your life, YOUR gusto! You simply amaze me! I cannot even describe with words how you make me feel.

now we need to see the creations!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, you have gusto....you just need to release it more often!!
Can't wait to see the finished project. Sounds like a fun time for you both.

Ben said...

Nicely splattered! Happy new year!

Kat said...

Maybe this post is your gusto?! :)

I saw 365 Something Beautiful in your side bar and thought, "Wonder what's that?" And it's you, all beautiful again :)

Jo said...

Dawn, that's beautiful! I didn't even know you painted, but wow, what an amazing piece you've created!

Michelle DeRusha said...

Dawn, You did that? It's awesome! I am absolutely impressed.

And I visited your 365 beautiful, too -- so lovely...all of it!

I haven't been by in a while...was down in your land for the holidays. We spent Christmas in the Keys. Just now getting caught up in Nebraska. Love your state, girl!

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