March 21, 2011

into the fun

Only Monday, and Spring Break seems to be sprinting.  When the days are beautiful blue and breezy I find myself greedy for more... more fun, more laughter, more breath.  Maybe it is because these past two days haven't been all about fun... there has been a lot of bedroom cleaning.  A lot.  And we aren't quite done... yet.  But we have mixed our work with play... Laura with her friends, and Cam & I on our own.  Finally, last night, done with his work weekend, Eric joined the Spring Break festivities, and we are four.  Four, looking forward to the beach and the county fair (where, rumor has it, there may be some prize winning photography!) and whatever else might strike our fancy. 

In the meantime... let me count the ways He scatters my life with gifts...
51. soft pastel beauty inside a rainbow cupcake
52. writing for someone else... and discovering it isn't easy. waffling between dressing myself up and just being plain old me. realizing that plain old me is just-right.
53. a love note text... just because
54. anticipation growing as the week ended, excitment to be with my kids for break, and happy that that brings joy.
55. working with my husband.
56. racing around to complete the order and satisfy a customer.
57. a glance in the rear-view mirror showing the sun beginning to rise in all its rosy orange glory, and then the way it gave the rest of the world a pink-gold glow.

58. her 40th birthday giving me a chance to reflect on our 28 year friendship... and the many beautiful gifts it has encompassed
59. the splashes of a puddle across my ankles... and her voice saying it was a puddle. what else was i suppose to do?  and then, the mother/daughter high five.  pure goodness.
60. looking at his face and thinking that for the first time in 2 1/2 weeks, he looks better.
61. just the girls... three generations sharing a night out and enjoying the show.  and third row seats don't hurt!

62. being on the same page with a friend... it means being there for the good and the bad... holding each other up and laughing together.  sometimes all at once.
63. singing again... after being away.
64. the opportunity to pray for big stuff.  like healing... of unknown illness and a broken heart.
65. expressing frustration, and still finding love on the other side.


Gabe said...

what a nice list. . .love that text message. . .

love the one about your voice. . .your voice is amazing just as it is. . .don't dress it up!

Corinne Cunningham said...

I love your list... and the love text :)

Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home said...

So glad that you agreed to write for me! Thank you for guest posting.
Love your list. Especially the text.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

i love that you're doing this! a blessed list for sure!!

Mamasita said...

Hi Dawn!!! Just saw your list and LOVE the part about dressing up - and being content just "yourself".. this is something I struggled with forever and am so happy now just being ME! I know I am so precious in HIS sight and that's all that matters -I wrote my gratitude list yesterday on my blog yesterday - love the book 1,000 Gifts - in the middle of it right now!
Happy Tuesday Blogging Friend!

Richella Parham said...

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL time!!

Prize-winning photography? Whose photography??

jenn said...

Oh the fair and the beach?!? too lucky! enjoy! still loving your list! i may have to make my own...

Anonymous said...

I love number 62.

Have a great day.

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